5 of swords

5= ether / air – mind
on our circle, no. 5 sits at the mid point between the causal and physical worlds and acts as a transformer or bridge between worlds.  the etheric level is singular as it cannot be felt or seen as with the other elements, it is space with no boundaries but it can carry sound.  in the major cards its symbolised by the pope at 5 ad the devil at 15.  both represent what is carried from one world to the other.  it is what is coming through from the casual realm.  within the suit of swords – air and the mind / ego – it represents our deepest eld beliefs and ideas.  this space holds what we believe we are and those ideas which keep us in balance.
in practice it indicates the q is trying to change their beleifs and how they think, act and behave or someone else is doing this to them and the qs concept of who they are is challenged.
often we do this voluntarily, through systems such as NLP or CBT and our values and principles are also indicated – do we rasie our sword and take a stand or do we change our beliefs to meet a changing ssociety?
next to cards of pain and lonliness such as the 4, 9 or 10 of swords, we may be questioning whether there is a God as the pain of our situation makes us wonder where there is justuce in the world.
teh knight of swords next to the 5 shows we are fighting for our cause and if it indicates someone in the qs life it can indicate a battle of wills and that someone is being persuaded to change their mind against their better judgement or deeper feelings. it indicates a very mentally agile person, barristers, writers, journalists, hypnotists.  the hypnotist unlocks the gateway to the subconscious mind and cross the bridge to the causal realm to bring about a healing or change deeply held beliefs or unlock hidden information.
As the 5 of swords is influenced by the Devil (at 15) which symbolises guilt and repeat karma, this card can also indicate any matter that goes to a court to be heard (ether carries sound and so both sides of the stoy will be heard, listened to a judge who becomes the living equivalent of the pope.  the card itself will not show which side will ‘win’, however upright, it shows a case will go to court and that revversed that it won’t get to that stage.
next to other cards: the king of swoords – a dogmatic and stern judge, next to the page of swords – various lies or tricks will be played, next to the ace of coins – a very important document,next to the chariot reversed, the case will be adjourned, next to the judgement card reversed – the case will not be heard and is resolved in chambers or through mediation.
the individuals belief system
legal matters and court cases
being persuaded that you arewhat you are not or to do / think soomething against your better judgement
not wishing to change ones beliefs, even against strong oppostion

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