3 of Swords

This card symbolises arguments and conflict and it’s simplest interpretation is anger, jealousy, hatred, resentment and thoughts of revenge etc. Anything that is not love or an expression of love in a relationship.  We may in this case forget who we really are and with  the 3 of swords we feel that we are our bad feelings as they can overwhelm us, albeit temporarily.  It is the tension held in check at the two of swords being released and we ‘have it out’ or ‘clear the air’ and in our quarrel manage to get things off our chest and hear the other persons point of view.  We lay down swords and reach an agreement.

2 of Swords

This is air at 2 which as we know represents duality or the unmanifest, so we have the feeling of I am combined with a sense of duality giving rise to feelings of self consciousness and being different or separate from someone else. Generally this means that the querant has a difference of opinion to…