The Numbers

Zero is the unmanifest, it is the universal storehouse from which all things are created and to which everything returns
1-10 finding fulfillment or 10-1 returning to the source

1 is the absolute or the whole, everything is contained within 1 and everything ultimately returns there.
2 is duality, the absolute and the non absolute or the self and the ego.  By itself its passive but becomes fecundated when by the active (1)
3 is the first number of manifestation what has come form the unity of 1 and the duality of 2 is manifest at 3.  3 represents nature, it is the matrix of the individual
4 is consciousness and relates to the feeling of I = consciousness.  The ego ask or self will which is what makes man separate from nature.  All of creation is subject to only one constant: change.  Thus the ego or feeling of I am gives the impression of permanence, stability and the foundations of reality as we perceive it.  This is the raw energy at force in number 3 being experienced experienced in the consciousness
5 is bridge between both the manifest and the unmanifest – on one side is the coarse physical world which can be perceived by the senses and the other side is the subtle or casual world.  This relates to the Akashik records or etheric level.  When one transitions between the causal and etheric levels they do so through the ether or bridge between worlds.  The Akashi carries sound and there fore 5 represents sound all things related to it.
6 is discrimination – the breath of life and therefore our ability to discriminate or reason.  So at 4 we have the self will, at 6 we have to decide (discrimination) what we are going to do with that self will.  Do we repeat the cycle of Karma or do we discriminate and take an action that will allow us to break the cycle and get a different result?
7 is character – its the light of our own unique brilliance shining through, our me-ness that makes us the unique individual.  As it relates to fire its also the physical body and the suns het and energy that keeps us alive
8 is boundaries or bonds.  The unmanifest that we found at 2 has reached this stage on the second cycle where it finds itself limited by bonds or boundaries, whether these are etheric (love) or physical (o contract).  When we dissolve salt in water it becomes invisible but it is still there.  Without water there would be no life on earth.  This also relates to Sams Kara or ones past lives and karma that provides us with the experiences we have now.  Karma is binding hence it relates to 8.  Atoms are bound together to create the physical world, we need these bonds

9 relates to the element of earth.  On our overturned circle the number relates to 1 and 9 and relates to one and unity.  Here we find that the unmanifest found at 1 has manifested to be experienced through the senses and earth. Nature has fully manifested and found its perfect form, thus 9 relates to crystallisation and crystals themselves

then test – where n your life have you experienced these things – make up a story based on these numbers